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Resonate Leadership

February 4, 2019

Have you ever wondered what is Resonate Leadership? Google offers 9.6M hits, so its fair to say defining it may not come easy.

Here is a (summarised) dictionary definition for resonant;
- (of sound), deep and strong, resounding, reverberating,
- prolong sounds, especially by synchronous vibration,
- has special meaning or particularly important to people,
- the ability to evoke enduring images, memories or emotions,
- (of colour) enhancing or enriching.

If I combine this and some of my reading from Daniel Goleman's Primal Leadership, HBR's "The Resonate Team Leader" and a few other blogs, perhaps the below is a good head start?


If you're wondering what skills are needed to achieve this, it starts with emotional intelligence, trust and social awareness. As a coach, PeopleQ are trained in techniques and tools that build trust and emotional intelligence via CIQ, sixseconds and Genos.

I would love to know your definition of Resonate Leadership? 

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