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about us

We strive for positive change through conversations that impact culture.

People are at the heart of our business


At PeopleQ, we are passionate about people. Our 'why' centres around inspiring cultures to thrive, so people thrive, and we are steadfast in that purpose. We are certified executive coaches, integrative development practitioners, EQ, C-IQ, Resilience and Psychological safety practitioners, and more.

Our team uniquely brings 30+ years leadership experience to our practice. We recognise that outstanding results can only be achieved if teams are deeply aligned, connected, engaged and inspired.

Our Services

We work with you to co-design and cultivate a thriving culture


People are complex and see the world as they are which is why we understand that leadership and culture is not necessarily linear. Rather, it is a journey incorporating the natural flows of being human and bringing your whole self to work. 


Every Leader is different, as each organisation is very different, and so our programs are designed to meet your needs and theirs.


We hold space for leaders and support them in being able to rise up and show up for their team in a way that’s authentic to them yet has the impact that’s required to engage. We partner with our clients in a way that the leader, team and organisation emerge to become the hero in their own story - co-designing and cultivating a thriving culture together. 

lead with heart

Understanding what people need to experience in the workplace to thrive is the first step towards transformation. Our leadership programs, workshops and tools are based on developing EQ and increasing empathy.

inspire leaders to rise

The single most significant key driver of workplace culture is leaders. We work with you to co-create programs that lift leadership capability and capacity. When leaders lift, everyone lifts.

activate inner super hero

Our integrative and experiential learning approach means that we support leaders, teams and organisations to be accountable for their journey and to step into being Leaders and the hero of their unique story.

our approach

PeopleQ Director - Melina Lipkiewicz


Melina Lipkiewicz

As the Founder of People Q, Melina partners with our clients to help them unlock their potential and guide them to realise their vision of success. 

From a diversity of backgrounds and sectors, our clients include Engineering, Health, Financial Services, Public Sector, Local Government, Utilities, Information Technology, Sales, Communications, Not-for Profit, Community Services and Education.

Melina is a passionate high performer who has coached hundreds of leaders, teams and professionals. Optimistic and resilient, she has held key leadership roles herself, transforming teams and creating start up divisions that achieved 100% growth year on year.

​She teams her qualifications with insights gained from 18 years of corporate leadership experience, delivering people solutions across Australia. Melina is an IECL certified coach across all levels, sixseconds assessor, Genos practitioner, Heartmath Coach & Resilience trainer, Strengthsprofile certified and C-IQ practitioner, as well as having a Bachelor of Business and a degree in Human Resources.

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Suria Ward

Recognised as a skilled talent strategist and successful people leader, Suria has a double degree in business and management as well as more than 12 years of corporate leadership experience transforming large teams and developing emerging leaders. She has acquired a deep knowledge of how to lead teams and individuals to success.


Suria is passionate about future-proofing businesses through investing in culture to drive employee engagement and manage performance, in order to achieve shared organisational goals.


She has extensive and deep experience consulting into all tiers of government, not-for-profit and SME businesses and has developed an appreciation of the complexities of these sectors as well as the impact of attracting, engaging and retaining the best talent for your organisation. 


Suria's approach is based on placing the highest value on all relationships, providing quality advice and access to practical tools, workshops and strategies to achieve the full capability of your team.

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PeopleQ Director - Suria Ward

Marketing Manager

Fiona Murray

As a seasoned marketing specialist with a diverse skill set encompassing web development, graphic design, branding, and social media strategy, I've honed my craft across various industries, including telecommunications, IT, HR, retail, legal, wholesale and distribution, and market research. Throughout my career, I've been driven by a passion for achieving exceptional results and effectively communicating the essence of brands to their target audiences.

With a wealth of experience in marketing planning and execution, I've developed a keen understanding of what it takes to craft compelling strategies that resonate with audiences and drive business growth. My journey has led me to embrace the power of inspiring cultures within organizations, recognizing that thriving cultures lead to thriving individuals.

I've joined forces with PeopleQ to lend my expertise in supporting their approach to leadership development and fostering workplace culture. At the heart of PeopleQ's mission lies a commitment to empowering organizations to create environments where both their people and their businesses can flourish.


By combining my years of marketing acumen with PeopleQ's ethos, I'm dedicated to helping clients achieve sustainable success by nurturing cultures that inspire greatness.

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Ensuring impactful outcomes


At PeopleQ, we love an abundance mindset, which ensures our clients are receiving what they need from us. So, when we find others who think like us, and do what we do, with the same deep sense of purpose, it makes sense to align and collaborate.  We collaborate to deliver programs with the right expertise, and we align thinking to design thought provoking leadership programs that shape the future leader.

Suzanne Glendenning


Founder | Quantum Results Coaching International

With significant experience at corporate senior management level, Sue appreciates the challenges and resulting stress and mindset issues that business owners and leaders face.         

Many women in leadership roles face the daily challenge of balancing their personal life, wellbeing and their professional lives. Sue uses her experience and expertise to give value to These clients and create breakthrough opportunities.  

Tim Collins profile photo.

Tim Collings

Founder | 4iGroup
Being Leaders

Tim Collings is the founder and CEO of 4iGroup, with over 15 years of international experience in developing leaders within organisations of all shapes and sizes.


Tim is also the co-founder of Being Leaders, in collaboration with Melina. This is courageous, digital space that focusses on priming leaders to become better equipped to navigate an ever-changing global environment.


Jess Weiss

Managing Consultant |
Human Tribe

Jess is a passionate coach and facilitator specialising in Human Performance in the Workplace. She prides herself on helping people and businesses do and be better.


Focussing on self-awareness, management capability, team cohesiveness, role clarity, engagement, purpose, leadership, Jess partners with her clients to get the best outcomes for themselves, their people and their organisation.

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“The fears we don‘t face, become our limits”​
Robin Sharma

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