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Great leaders direct energy into fostering a culture where people thrive.  It’s not perfect, but their intentions are.


Building a high performing culture

Managing performance and having courageous conversations can be one of the most challenging aspects for leaders. Yet we do this every day. At PeopleQ, we help you to create clarity by defining role expectations and creating competency frameworks and KPIs that help leaders to effectively manage team performance.

We support you to create rituals for ongoing performance conversations, performance improvement and more. We host leadership workshops to support you in diffusing this with your leadership team to establish a new way of managing performance. And at the heart of this, is helping you to build a high performing culture. 

purpose and values workshops

Benefits of these workshops include the ability to define organisational purpose and the values that become your guiding principles for developing a high performing culture.  

conversional intelligence

Leveraging the power of neuroscience to create profound and lasting transformation for individuals, teams and organisational cultures, these workshops are ideal for performance management

leading performance 

Helping leaders create role clarity and set expectations to manage performance and cultivate a collaborative, customer centric and enjoyable workplace.

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“Getting to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of your culture which depends on the quality of your relationships which depends on the quality of your conversations. Everything happens through conversation.”​

Judith E Glaser

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