grow your leaders

Culture is not a project, but a continuous effort

coaching skills for leaders

Designed to build one of the most foundational skills needed in the fourth industrial revolution, Coaching for Leaders will introduce your leaders to coaching, contrast coaching with the other hats leaders wear, introduce them to coaching tools and provide a safe space to build their coaching skills through demonstrations and role-plays.

The benefits include the ability to work with individual team members to shift unproductive behaviours and spot strengths, improve outcomes, build autonomy and engagement, improve effectiveness and wellbeing resulting in a more positive workplace culture.  

the unspoken elements of communication

Research suggests that up to 80% of what someone is communicating is unspoken. This short half day workshop is ideal for leaders, teams or sales people to bring their attention to the other elements of communication, to improve our ability to read a message, communicate with others and ultimately improve workplace relationships.

strengths, values and purpose workshops

When leaders bring meaning to what they do by articulating the why and how they do it,  they invoke following and their style is often referred to as Resonate Leadership. At People Q, we define this as the ability to enrich performance, by evoking positive emotions and a resounding sense of shared purpose that unites and synchronises followers who feel valued and cared for (© People Q).

This workshop is a thought provoking journey for leaders and organisations where they will be encouraged to think deeply about what drives them and the principles that guide them by exploring their stories and consider key themes, in a setting that requires vulnerability and connection. 

The benefits resulting from this are endless, a resounding sense of understanding our peers, better working relationships, a conviction in the stories we tell and bringing meaning and purpose to those we lead, the ability to define organisational purpose and the values that become your guiding principles.  


strengths workshops

This half day strengths workshop brings your team together to help them better understand their performance, energy use and development opportunity by knowing their own strengths and that of the team’s.  Each team member will receive their own individual strengthsprofile, as well as a team strengthsprofile.


The workshop will bring your team together resulting in a more happier and confident team with higher levels of energy. Using strengths improves connection, relationships, communication and teamwork. Team members who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged in their work, therefore more satisfied and committed and ultimately more productive.

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People will forget what you said, and they will forget what you did, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.”​


Maya Angelou