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hiring process re-engineering

invest in culture

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Having the right hiring process in place is the first step towards building a high performing team and thriving culture


Optimise your hiring process

People are at the heart of your business so introducing the right skills, talent and leaders into your organisation is critical to achieving impactful and enduring outcomes. At PeopleQ we know that having the right hiring process in place is the first step to building a high performance team and thriving culture.


We will consult with you to re-engineer and optimise your entire hiring process, from identifying the hiring need, to designing a competency framework, creating a tailored sourcing strategy through to developing a robust assessment and selection process to ensure that your people will add, not detract from your organisational goals.


PeopleQ can also assist you to build a comprehensive onboarding plan and map out the first 90 day journey to give your new starter every opportunity to succeed.


The PeopleQ hiring framework

PeopleQ Melina and Suria 4

Melina didn't just deliver to expectations, she
over-delivered under challenging conditions.
PeopleQ brought assessment centre structure and best practice to this innovative pilot. 
We wouldn't hesitate to get her back.

Education Sector | Assessment Centre Project

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