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People are at the heart of our business and PQfactor is an engagement tool for measuring culture and building thriving teams


Measure the intangible elements of your team‘s performance

PQfactor is a monthly engagement tool that measures the intangible elements of performance that are linked to a thriving culture, using real-time monthly data. These include leadership, employee experience, team, trust, communication, and customer experience.


Our PQfactor tool creates a high performing workplace through measuring employee culture, engagement and performance. It gathers data from regular employee pulse surveys, providing leaders with key insight into their workplace. Leaders use the data to direct team conversations, develop collaborative actions and implement those actions for continuous improvement aligned to a high performing workplace.


PQFactor is uniquely positioned as an industry leader that offers you the tools, tips and support you need to empower your leaders to make informed decisions and positively develop staff.


Measure your employee culture, compare your performance to trusted benchmarks and use the results to create a high performing workplace and team.


PQfactor is uniquely positioned to work with any size business. It’s affordable and easy to use, with tailored solutions that are based on business needs.

PQ Dashboard
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PQfactor, which is a monthly measure, has six key metrics which are leadership, employee experience, customer, communication, trust and team. These metrics are linked to research on high performing teams.


Easy to use platform for leaders and staff. Monthly employee pulse surveys collect data, track performance, provide benchmark comparison and give leaders tips and tools they need to lead their teams with their own personalised dashboard.


Monthly real-time dashboards, timelines and reports that roll up from teams to divisions to the entire business. You can now include a people KPI in your board reporting.

PQfactor's action-orientated pulse surveys

It's only been 2.5 months but we are already seeing changes in the way our leaders are engaging with their teams.

Local Council | PQfactor Client

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