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executive coaching

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Transform the performance of your leaders, supporting you to grow with the market 

executive coaching

With your PeopleQ coach as a partner, executive coaching challenges leaders to see varying perspectives, cultivate self awareness, identify strengths and opportunity for growth that lead to those aha moments. Our executive coaching programs begin with your goals, and we anchor to these, using them to assess progress along the way.


We check in regularly to ensure that executive coaching is working for you and your organisation. It is often a three or four-way relationship between you, your coach, your leader and your organisation. Insights without action will not lead to growth, and our coaches hold leaders accountable for their actions and provide the support, resources, tools and tips needed to succeed.


Month to month, quarter by quarter we assess the difference and how close you are to your objective. Executive coaching becomes a part of your leadership development pathway. Our executive coaching programs begin with an Emotional Intelligence and Strengths profile.

team coaching

Working with teams, your coach will guide them to build trust and create shared meaning to harmonise the teams' effort in delivering organisational outcomes. Ideally suited to teams with a fractured dynamic, but a desire to find a way forward.

mentoring and pro bono

Team mentoring is often offered as part of our pro bono work, which is important for PeopleQ to live into our values and purpose. We work with individuals or teams, from the not-for-profit or education sectors, on a short-term basis to coach and share knowledge relating to a specific project, strategy or outcome. We have worked with diverse individuals and new groups who have come together for short-term collaborations to achieve success. 


An effective coaching program begins with coaching objective/s.  We anchor to this objective through-out the program, assessing progress monthly and at quarterly check-ins. It's how we know if it's working for you.


With your coach as a guide, we create a safe space for perspectives to be stretched and challenged, self-awareness to grow and narratives understood and your northstar to emerge, leading to those insightful, ah ha moments.


Your commitment to action is the start to sustaining behavioural change, with your coach holding you accountable month to month.   Coaching becomes part of your leadership development pathway.

our coaching process

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The support and knowledge over the last seven months has been invaluable. Feedback from others around me is that there is a positive difference, I’m more aware of my strengths and weaknesses, trust is building with the team and my confidence has built.

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