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When leaders thrive, people thrive.
When people thrive, cultures thrive.



Inspiring cultures to thrive, so people thrive

We are all about humanising the workplace by harnessing your people quotient (PQ). That’s what PeopleQ stands for.


Your PeopleQ is the ability to rise up, lead and inspire high performance by understanding human emotion, capacity and capability, and how these elements interlink to deliver powerful outcomes in the workplace. We work with leaders and organisations who are intentional about cultivating a thriving workplace culture. Our focus is on services that help you to grow your leaders and invest in culture.


People drive business performance, so it makes sense to understand what drives your people.


We’ve spent most of history leading with our head. At PeopleQ, we work with you to also lead with heart.


Workplace culture is a continuous effort by all, and it is central to being an employer of choice and strategic outcomes.

humanising the workplace


Measuring the intangible elements of performance that are linked to high performing teams, using real-time monthly data.


Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with PQfactor. It is the ideal tool to work towards a high performing workplace by measuring employee culture, engagement and performance.

Client Testimonials
PeopleQ Melina and Suria Dk Blu

You have been extremely impactful to both our organisation and me personally, and I want you to know how much that means to me. You are gifted and I look forward to many more years of collaborating and sharing.

Local Council | Ignite Program Participant

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