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  • Inspiring workplace cultures to thrive, and the role of leaders.

    As people join and leave, dynamics change, shifting cultureCulture is not a project; we all have a role to play.  And maybe that’s the case if you’re starting the culture journey.  and power distribution can all have an impact on workplace culture. Why is it important to focus on culture?

  • Inspiring a Culture of Growth and Success. Leading for Impact!

    leadership plays a crucial role in driving growth, fostering innovation, and contributing to a workplace culture Embrace collaboration to demonstrate a workplace culture that appreciates diverse perspectives. By fostering a culture of collaboration, leaders harness the collective intelligence of their teams, They encourage teams to embrace a culture of learning, experimentation, and continuous innovation. Download details about our culture frameworks here.

  • Are you really accountable for culture without visibility?

    But we need to cut through the fear in making culture visible. Is an engagement survey all we need to know about culture? to culture? Time for a culture assessment check-point? Download our free culture assessment tool here. Download our culture tool flyer here.

  • The Upside of Failure: A Learning Culture

    a safe place to learn from mistakes, to be able to discuss them openly, naturally cultivates a team culture

  • The RISE of digital tools to inspire workplace CULTURE.

    Later on I noticed unseen forces alive at work, this time in the context of culture. Contemporary leaders will love that those previously elusive elements of culture are finally brought This is great, but make no mistake; the work to achieve and maintain a thriving culture does not come Taking action goes a long way towards the pursuit of a thriving culture. Assess your workplace culture with our complimentary assessment tool or better still check out our culture

  • Is a thriving culture good for business?

    Here’s a few reasons why we think a thriving culture is good for business. time at work, that it makes sense to make it a place where people want to come by creating a great culture , and the contagion of a positive (or negative) culture often spills over into our personal lives. A thriving culture brings a balanced approach to the WHAT, HOW, WHY and WHO of your business.

  • Part 2: Inspiring workplaces cultures to thrive and the role of leaders.

    We all understand leaders play a role in culture and are central to cultivating a thriving workplace, Leaders are sighted as key drivers of workplace culture across multiple research pieces (Berson 2008 And, poor culture is to blame for the deterioration of employee engagement and satisfaction. Most businesses today measure and report on culture, at a team, leader, executive and board level, so CULTURE is at the core of strategy and these practices are fast becoming best practice.

  • Understand your team's culture

    create change and performance uplift with PQfactor

  • Curated Conversationalists talk CULTURE

    co-authored by Melina Lipkiewicz & Tim Collings

  • If you want to retain and attract the best people, focus on workplace culture.

    The importance of a thriving workplace culture cannot be overstated. In contrast, an unhealthy workplace culture leads to high turnover, low morale, and decreased performance So, what makes for a thriving workplace culture? Collaboration and teamwork are also essential components of a thriving workplace culture. At PeopleQ, we are proud of our own thriving workplace culture.

  • Custodians of Culture

    For me, its about culture, communication, trust, customers, belonging, appreciation, passion and performance Leaders are custodian's of culture, leader's cultivate belonging and appreciation to lift performance Check in, measure culture and performance with pulse checks.

  • Thriving Culture, PQfactor, let's thrive together

    With PQfactor, our engagement tool, we help you build that thriving culture.

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