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Updated: Jan 5

Imagine if Leader's had a toolkit they could carry around? I know what mine would have.

o A reminder of WHY I do what I do

o A Vision that is my Lighthouse

o My top 5 Strengths & Values that are my sails

o Loads of Empathy

o Skills to navigate storms of uncertainty and bring certainty to the team

o An entrepreneurial spirit to innovate

o Skills to foster connections between team members and the organisation - a matrix maker

o Customers and their stories so we remember who we are doing it for

o Patience, as nothing ever happened fast

o A Trust Maker

o ESP to see & appreciate differing perspectives, thoughts and stories people bring

o A Gratitude planner to focus on celebrating along the way

o A Growth Mindset to foster a continuous learning environment

o Loads of Emotional Intelligence and Conversational Intelligence

o Resilience to overcome adversity

o Optimism to drive solutions

o Foresight

As a Leader in the 4th Industrial revolution, it will be important to build diverse capability and a toolkit of skills you can reach for based on the situation, people and environment. What do you want in your toolkit?

With PQfactor, our engagement tool, we help you build that thriving culture. To find out more contact us on 0498 800 008 I



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