Is a thriving culture good for business?

Updated: 2 days ago

Here’s a few reasons why we think a thriving culture is good for business.

Firstly, we spend so much time at work, that it makes sense to make it a place where people want to come by creating a great culture, and the contagion of a positive (or negative) culture often spills over into our personal lives. Who doesn't want a business that contributes this kind of goodness in the world?

Traditionally, business owners and leaders have focused on strategy and performance outcomes but executing any of this requires people. A thriving culture brings a balanced approach to the WHAT, HOW, WHY and WHO of your business. I like to call it humanising the workplace by considering how people feel and go about doing their work. After all, people are at the heart of your business.

Conflict and tension will always exist, look around, it's more evident today than ever before. A thriving workplace, where people are connected and genuinely care, means teams will approach tension as something that can be worked through and overcome, as opposed to a workplace where it’s avoided like the plague, and therefore builds and builds, having a major impact on not just those that hold the tension, but also others around them and ultimately your customers!

What is it they say, Happy Teams, Happy Customers

When staff feel that they are equipped and supported to perform at their best, the chances are these attitudes and mindset spill over into t