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  • Take your Q with PeopleQ

    Episode 1 - An introduction to this new Leadership series with Suria and Mel

  • Take your Q with PeopleQ - Episode 5

    We've talked about cultivating trust, now it's time to focus on TRUSTING YOURSELF.

  • Take your Q with PeopleQ - Episode 4

    We unravel coaching and share a workplace tip for leaders

  • Take your Q with PeopleQ - Episode 3

    We continue the focus on TRUST, this time from a communication, language and mindset perspective.

  • Take your Q with PeopleQ - episode 2

    Why TRUST is essential in the workplace and the groundwork needed to build trust in teams.

  • How the New York Marathon shaped my leadership, inspiring PeopleQ.

    I had also committed to a lot of people who donated, and that key factor got me through, shifting my It would be the start of a new journey and future, leading to PeopleQ in 2018. I ran through Brooklyn immersing myself in the views of Manhattan and the energy of the 1000s of people stories I told myself to get to the finish line became character building moments and the critical role people I also didn’t want to let people down who had donated money to a worthy cause, The Little Heroes Foundation

  • When Trust needs rebuilding

    How do you bring two people together that have lost Trust at work? leadershipdevelopment #selfawarenessjourney #empathy #collaboration #trust #leadershipcoach #peopleq

  • At the heart of it, there are good intentions

    There is the definition of TRUST and the numerous models of TRUST, we got talking though about WHY two people #leadership #culture #peopleq #pqfactor #conversationalintelligence #emotionalintelligence #highperformanceteams

  • Expand your thinking to manage Wellbeing

    Talk to us for more information. #leadershipdevelopment #leadership #selfawarenessjourney #empathy #trust #leadershipjourney #peopleq #leadershipcoach #eq #courageousconversations #connection

  • If you want to retain and attract the best people, focus on workplace culture.

    thriving workplace culture is essential for any organization that wants to attract and retain the best people At PeopleQ, we are proud of our own thriving workplace culture. with organisations in supporting them to cultivate a thriving workplace culture, contact us or Download information about our workplace culture tool, PQfactor, powered by

  • When no news is actually bad news!

    Implicit voice theory, studied by Edmonson, suggests people often don't speak up and this is true even As we love to say at PeopleQ, our perception is our reality! If we aren’t hearing from our people, we could be missing business improvement opportunities. They go hand in hand and the good news is that PeopleQ can support organisations to become fearless in PeopleQ are proud to be certified Fearless Organisation practitioners to share and bring to life Edmondson

  • Leaders, does it pay to be liked?

    PeopleQ leadership programs explore the traits that make you more likeable as a leader and how these PeopleQ co-authors Curated Conversations, a safe and courageous space for leaders to explore the capabilities

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