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Expand your thinking to manage Wellbeing

The more aware we are of ourselves and the more aware we are of others, the more opportunity we have to adapt.

Someone recently asked how do I deal with stressful situations, so I thought I would share a snippet of my response;

  • Acknowledge the stress & manage my energy levels

  • Find physical spiritual and emotional outlets

  • Give myself the space to think through the situation, process it

  • Add others' perspectives to what I know to expand my thinking

  • Check my perspective with someone I Trust

  • Zoom out to get an umbrella view of the situation

  • Speak to someone with context to expand my thinking

  • Verbalise it

  • Find support

Executive Coaching is a great way to expand your thinking and perspectives and better manage day to day pressures to ensure effective decision making.

Talk to us for more information.


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