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Expand your thinking to manage Wellbeing

Updated: Jan 8

The more aware we are of ourselves and the more aware we are of others, the more opportunity we have to adapt.

Someone recently asked how do I deal with stressful situations, so I thought I would share a snippet of my response;

  • Acknowledge the stress & manage my energy levels

  • Find physical spiritual and emotional outlets

  • Give myself the space to think through the situation, process it

  • Add others' perspectives to what I know to expand my thinking

  • Check my perspective with someone I Trust

  • Zoom out to get an umbrella view of the situation

  • Speak to someone with context to expand my thinking

  • Verbalise it

  • Find support

Executive Coaching is a great way to expand your thinking and perspectives and better manage day to day pressures to ensure effective decision making.

Talk to us for more information.



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