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At the heart of it, there are good intentions

Updated: Jan 5

The last few weeks have had me thinking about what sits at the heart of Trust, Purpose, Connection and Collaboration, what's the difference from Leader to Leader? Trust was a big component of our discussion in our second #curatedconversations#leadershipnow webinar. There is the definition of TRUST and the numerous models of TRUST, we got talking though about WHY two people trust each other in the first. The neuroscience of TRUST.

We shared tips and tools from #conversationalintelligence and discovered as a community why good intentions was critical and how this links back to purpose. Without good intentions, Leaders go half the journey. Relationships are half built. Culture is sometimes good. Purpose fades.

Good intentions super charge our ability to build relationships, resilience, collaboration and partnerships that extend our cause and make the environment around as a great one to be in.



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