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Updated: Jan 8

How do you bring two people together that have lost Trust at work?

Everyone will have a different perspective, please comment with your thoughts. Here's are a few thoughts from me;

  • Help them discover alignment through shared values, beliefs, strengths and perhaps even purpose.

  • Initiate a conversation to discover how one situation can be interpreted in many ways and the benefit of this in problem solving. There are some great activities for this which could include your entire team.

  • Explore with them how beliefs, values and experiences may shape our thinking, stories and behaviour.

  • Once you feel they are opening up, ask them to adopt a position of inclusiveness, appreciation and discovery for this question, set one rule, listen to hear AND ask, How could the relationship thrive at work?

Manage the tension quickly, rather than let it simmer. The above will not necessarily occur all at once, so consider how time between could help heal the relationship.

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