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  • Courageous conversations fueled with empathy.

    Take a development approach to the conversation, share feedback and co-create the next steps. Pause, practice mindful breathing and go back into the conversation with your executive brain at work Ask questions, cultivate a two-way conversation.

  • So what is Executive Coaching?

    Mention this article, and we will also include an emotional intelligence and strengths profile with any Melina is an IECL certified coach to the highest level, ICF member, Emotional Intelligence, Heartmath & Conversational Intelligence practitioner and spent two decades+ in senior leadership roles before

  • How it feels to be with a trusted leader...

    At PeopleQ, we are certified Conversational Intelligence® practitioners. Conversational Intelligence® is a revolutionary body of work leveraging the power of neuroscience to To explore how you and your leaders can build a culture high in trust, come explore Conversational Intelligence

  • Unveiling the Power of Trust-Building Leadership. Can Leaders Really Prime for Trust?

    feedback to promote transparency and provide opportunities for team members to express their thoughts and concerns Discover how our Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) programs foster trust-based leadership.

  • When Trust needs rebuilding

    Initiate a conversation to discover how one situation can be interpreted in many ways and the benefit Email us today for more on Trust and the fundamentals of Conversational Intelligence.

  • Thriving Culture, PQfactor, let's thrive together

    celebrating along the way o A Growth Mindset to foster a continuous learning environment o Loads of Emotional Intelligence and Conversational Intelligence o Resilience to overcome adversity o Optimism to drive solutions o Foresight

  • Global Trust is on the decline.

    Everything happens through conversation, so start with language. Consider how you might downregulate judgement, or suspend it in a conversation or team meeting. To get deep with building trust in teams, talk to us about how Conversational Intelligence program for

  • When a leader's authenticity is put to the test.

    It's not surprising leaders find their authenticity compromised in certain conversations, particularly Other types of workplace conversations leaders have parallel struggles with, range from pay rises, scenarios time of day, it’s also taking into consideration what else may be happening that could influence the conversation Stay with facts and have the conversations early on if your needing to raise a concern. It’s easier to have these conversations when you are being your authentic self.

  • How the New York Marathon shaped my leadership, inspiring PeopleQ.

    I grew to understand the gift of conversations with strangers.

  • Resonate Leadership

    If you're wondering what skills are needed to achieve this, it starts with emotional intelligence, trust As a coach, PeopleQ are trained in techniques and tools that build trust and emotional intelligence via

  • Risking everything, means having everything to gain.

    To take our teams on this journey is an art form in language and conversational intelligence. It’s linking emotional intelligence, trust and psychological safety, requiring effort, energy and time

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