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Global Trust is on the decline.

Are your leaders using language that is eroding team trust?

As the global trust barometer continues to show a decline in Trust, the call for Leader's is to be aware of thoughts, behaviours and language that will erode Trust in the workplace.

Trust is critical in teams, it's that glue that holds it all together, its the intangible element that enables us to feel safe, to be vulnerable, to know the team has our back. It's the behaviour in others that let's us know integrity is alive, we can rely on our team mates and promises are kept.

When a leader cultivates high levels of Trust, they are referred to as transparent, inclusive, authentic, caring, consistent, reliable, their actions align with their words, they follow through, they are honest. They use language that is non judgemental, they listen. They are a role-model.

They understand the importance of language in creating a collaborative and trusting workplace. They understand what culture is needed for people to thrive at work.

Everything happens through conversation, so start with language. Rather than let others guide you into what language to use, shift your thinking so we use language that co-creates solutions with our peers, teams and other leaders.

Here are a few easy tips to do so;

  • It starts with mindset. Set an inclusive mindset.

  • Consider how you might downregulate judgement, or suspend it in a conversation or team meeting.

  • Get a bit more curious and listen.

  • A but is as good as a No, so think about replacing those But's with And's

It's the small tiny movements that matter, and the concept of marginal gains that can dramatically shift Trust @Work!

Here's an article with a few more things to consider. To get deep with building trust in teams, talk to us about how Conversational Intelligence program for leaders can help or how we bring this expertise into our executive coaching programs.



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