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Courageous conversations fueled with empathy.

Giving and receiving feedback is a regular topic in coaching. Here are a few tips I have put together for you. Let's start with giving feedback;

  1. Set-up

  • Role expectations related to task, team, productivity, customer and intangibles to measure performance against.

  • Cultivate trust

  • Give feedback with a genuine desire to aid growth

  1. Cultivate a curious approach to engage in a 2-way discussion

  2. Deal with small pieces of feedback at a time

  • If you have left it too long, break it down to deliver it in bite sized pieces so the person can digest it, rather than become overwhelmed with it.

  • Use language that connects feedback to role expectations, not the person. When behavioural, align feedback to your capability framework.

  1. Be mindful of "how" the person may hear what you say.

  2. Be mindful of how you may have contributed to the situation.

  3. Take a development approach to the conversation, share feedback and co-create the next steps.

  4. Check-in on progress regularly

On the other side, here are some tips when receiving feedback;

  1. You may freeze, or argue or want to exit the room as fast as possible. These reactions are better known as an amygdala hijack. Pause, practice mindful breathing and go back into the conversation with your executive brain at work.

  2. Ask questions, cultivate a two-way conversation.

  3. If overwhelming, manage what you heard by asking for clarification.

  4. Check your lens of the situation and try this view. See it as;

  • Role related

  • An opportunity to reflect, so sit with it before reacting

  • Moments that aid our self awareness

  • Pushing you beyond habitual thinking

  • A chance to gain insight into other's perspective

  1. Be kind to yourself and others through the process

As a certified coach, and C-IQ practitioner, if you are looking for further support, contact us to find out what the possibilities are.

Our expertise lies in leadership and team coaching, performance management workshops and designing organisational capability frameworks. I 0498 800 008

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