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So what is Executive Coaching?

Updated: May 17, 2022

And is it worth the investment of time and money?

I'm often asked what is executive coaching, as there are so many people these days that refer to themselves as a coach, so let's start with a definition. We view Executive Coaching as holding a safe space for someone to challenge themselves and their perspectives to build personal insights that lead to positive outcomes and behavioural change, that aligns with their goals and objectives.

Executive coaching is a development pathway, it is anchored to a leaders goals, and at the center is a belief that the leader has the answers within them. You, the coach, are a guide.

Understanding what it isn't also helps further define executive coaching - it's not advising, mentoring, consulting, telling, selling, training, managing, leading, educating, counselling. Whilst these are all necessary in any development pathway, a coaching relationship is one where your coach acts as a guide by being present, listening beyond the words and asking questions that guide you to positive behavioural change. The main role is to Listen and Ask. As executive coaching is a personalised form of development, and therefore targeted, it has greater buy-in and therefore change.

Coaching is for the counterpart (or coachee). The spotlight is on them, not on the coach.

An Executive coach will bring some structure. For example, you begin with a goal for the coaching, your one up and your organisation may be involved in this. There is a formal contract, there is structure to how often and how long, there is a measure at the start and later on which helps visualise the change, there is regular assessment of your coach! And regular check in with your one up to ensure the coaching is achieving it's desired outcome.

There are many reasons why you would engage an executive coach and here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if this is a development pathway for you;

Are you wanting to make a positive change at work?

Do you want to grow your perspective?

Do you prefer guidance rather than telling?

Are you wanting to do more to engage your teams?

Are you struggling with communication or conflict?

Are you prepared to re-examine yourself and shift what is needed?

Are you looking for ways to navigate your challenges?

Do you want to challenge your thinking to grow your understanding?

Have you experienced significant change recently?

Has your motivation shifted as a result of this change?

Do you find you are second guessing yourself ?

Do you at times suffer from imposter syndrome?

Are you finding that "being busy" has meant no time for professional/personal growth?

Do you feel your development has stifled?

Is your confidence waning?

Do you like being held accountability?

Are you finding it lonely in your new leadership role?

Do you need a safe space to unpack challenges at work?

If you answered YES to 7 or more of these questions, it's an opportunity to get in touch for a no obligation consultation. Mention this article, and we will also include an emotional intelligence and strengths profile with any coaching engagement.

Melina is an IECL certified coach to the highest level, ICF member, Emotional Intelligence, Heartmath & Conversational Intelligence practitioner and spent two decades+ in senior leadership roles before starting PeopleQ to become an Executive Coach.


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