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Benefit hunting in the face of adversity

Recently I participated in a Resilience masterclass, and given it's Friday, if you've had a tough week, I though it might be a good time to share some of what I learned. It's interesting the different studies and psychologists that have written on this topic. I was directed to a study on the Science of Resilience by Darlene Minimi, and she sums it up beautifully. Resilience is not about always experiencing the world in a positive light, it's about the skills we build to help us manage and navigate in times of adversity. Some of her strategies include; 1. To cultivate optimism, reduce the use of Always and Never. 2. To be present, practice mindfulness for 5 minutes a day. 3. Observe, notice and express difficult emotions and then ask yourself, what did I learn from this. 4. See things as they are, but not worse then they are 5. Shift your focus, and look for what went well today. 5. Connect with others 6. Exercise and/or listen to music I also like to go benefit hunting, it helps us see where opportunity exists.  

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