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Key ingredients to team success

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

I was reading about the science behind the most successful teams, and it seems that a key ingredient is communication. These are the characteristics that define how well they communicate; 1. Everyone talks and listens in equal measure. I like to call this shared airspace. 2. Members face one another. There's that empathy piece. I see you. I hear you. Communicated through our actions. 3. All members are connected. All of them. It's a web of connections. I'm going to extend this to say if you're in a project management or agile environment, this web of connections extends outside the formal team. All members formal, informal, direct or indirect are connected. 4. Members have side conversations within the team. In other words, all team members talk to each other. 5. Members explore outside the team, and bring back information to share with other team members. They grow their knowledge in unison. #teamwork #highperformingteams #secretstogreatteams #tips #leading #coaching 

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