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Meaningful Work, it's not just a retention strategy.

For me, its about culture, communication, trust, customers, belonging, appreciation, passion and performance uplift. Leaders are custodian's of culture, leader's cultivate belonging and appreciation to lift performance, no matter what level of leader you are.

My thoughts on some steps leaders can take;

  1. Observe your communication - do your words cultivate openness, alignment, shared meaning and inclusion.

  2. Is Trust present, a baseline for all teams.

  3. Cultivate your EI to understand the data in emotions. What needs are team members expressing (or not)?

  4. Connect team member needs with the organisation's purpose and yours, cultivate "resonate leadership".

  5. Check in, measure culture and performance with pulse checks.

  6. Use this data to instill ongoing small changes. Over an extended period, these translate to shifts in performance, from good to great.

If you want to dig deeper, PeopleQ can help. Our programs help you cultivate the principles of C-IQ, develop your muscle to lead with emotional intelligence, and implement performance pulse checks.

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