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When your team looks inward, help them build self-awareness

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The topic of building self-awareness comes up a lot in coaching. Not just from an individual perspective, but as Leaders how we can help our team cultivate this same muscle. So I decided to put together a list of questions that I am hoping you will find useful.

It will depend on the situation of course as to which questions, and the best way to see what works is to give them a test run. To help, I have categorized them into general, strengths or situation specific questions. Enjoy


  1. When you hear yourself say that what are you thinking?

  2. What are you saying to yourself?

  3. What are you feeling?

  4. What do you know about yourself? What don’t you know?

  5. What does that mean for you?

  6. What reactions can you predict? What can’t you predict?

  7. Can you describe your behaviour? How might others describe it?

  8. What do you value? Why?

  9. What feedback have you received that surprised you? Why did it surprise you?

  10. What (of your own) behaviour are you aware of? What might you not be aware of?

Understanding our Strengths

  1. What makes you good at what you do?

  2. What qualities do you have that help you to be successful at your role?

  3. What makes your heart sing?

  4. When work is effortless, what are you doing?

  5. How would you describe your strengths?

  6. What have others told you you do well?

  7. What energises you?

Situation Specific

  1. Have you been in this situation before? Are there similarities? Are there any patterns?

  2. Have you reacted like that before? Are there similarities? What triggered it?

  3. How do you normally react in these situations?

  4. What thoughts and beliefs do you have about the situation?

  5. What assumptions are you making? What judgments are present? What beliefs are present? As you hear yourself say that, what are you now thinking?

  6. What is your view on this? Why do you hold that view? Are there other ways of seeing it?

  7. What are the facts as you see them? What don't you know? What assumptions have you made? What led you to this belief?

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