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The secret sauce to a thriving team.

Having spent the majority of our corporate lives working for a global human resources giant, it's fair to say hiring was imprinted on our hearts mind and souls, it was akin a tattoo to the heart.

We lived breathed bathed drank assessment analysing every minute detail of the process in order to improve our chances of getting each hire right.

I've always said, hiring is not a perfect science, yet we continued to strive for perfection.

We ripped apart the entire process, from attraction, to assessment, to offer and onboarding. And we looked for improvements. And what did we learn?

Culture was the most significant element, assessing for someone that was right culturally, outweighed getting the technical criteria right. And if your culture is one where people collaborate and thrive, than one of the most likely skill sets is emotional intelligence.

That lead us to creating all sorts of frameworks and interviews to identify and assess for these skills. But recently, my pain of writing my own was taken away. Completely.

We became a Genos certified practitioner in 2016, and since then we have loved delivering their leadership programs. That is our core focus. Genos took their deep love and insight for emotional intelligence a step further, and now we can offer our clients a Hiring for EQ Interview guide and assessment tool. And this for us is the secret sauce!

Hiring for EQ not only improves your chances of getting each hire right, and hiring for culture, it also in the long term improves productivity.

But why is it particularly important for organisations embarking on building a thriving culture? Well if you're going to focus your energy time and effort into building a thriving culture, wouldn't you want to protect it when bringing new people into the organisation? And that protection is to ensure every hire is the right one, by hiring for EQ.

Request a sample report, or contact us today to find out how your organisation could benefit by hiring for EQ.



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