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Why investing in your emerging leaders is a quadruple win!

If you ask any CEO or business owner to predict what the market for talent will look like tomorrow, it’s fair to say you’ll find the word scare or scarcity (or something similar) in their response. Back that up with the question of what keeps you up at night? The word people, leaders or capability is likely to also be there!

The market for talent is getting tighter by the second. Literally, by the second! Not to panic anyone, but recent experiences continue to back this up particularly for more experienced, technical and leadership skill sets.

It’s an autopilot response, someone leaves, search the talent market to replace them. It’s also a reactive approach to managing your talent. Why put so much energy into searching an already scarce and competitive market for leadership talent when you have teams of loyal, committed and willinging people ready to grow and learn with your business?

Imagine a proactive approach to building leadership capability, where you look inside the business to give people opportunities to grow? Not only are you investing in your people (they are the business), you are sending out a much stronger message that talks to your culture, your intention and builds your employer brand.

And it feels so much more rewarding and fulfilling to see your people grow, and know you've contributed to their growth. Not everyone will step up into a leadership role, but the uplift in skills and capability will transfer back into benefits right across the business.

It really is a quadruple win! A win for your people, a win for your leadership team, a win for your business and a win for your customers and clients.

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