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#curatedconversations talking P U R P O S E

Curated Conversations, let's talk P U R P O S E!

We have just finished our third workshop in this series and the feedback is consistently positive with the Curated Conversations community growing. Leaders are receiving enormous value in the conversation being curated, the opportunity to grow their knowledge and network, as well as the action orientated sessions helping to define strategies for their workplace.

As I watched "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix this weekend, I was a reminded why Purpose is more than a trend and is critical to organisational health & ethical stance, becoming our own moral compass.

Defining Purpose for an individual, let alone an organisation is not an easy task. When we are sincere about it, it takes many moments of discussing and sharing what we stand for, the stories that define us and our strengths to finally land the words that truly articulate our Purpose and align with our whole being. Along the way, you'll discover your key Values which for me are the equivalent of guiding principles. And before you know it, armed with Purpose and Values, you'll have the beginnings of a framework for your decision making.

To find Purpose, start by reflecting on the stories that define your journey, what you stand for now and in the future, and your key values. And, come along to our next workshop which aims to build our understanding of how Leading Purposefully is making a difference to Leaders and the organisations they lead.

We also have a special guest, so hurry as tickets are almost sold out !



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