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The superpower of resilience.

When I’m feeling resilient, I have the capacity to navigate challenging circumstances, calmly, which normally achieves better outcomes, good for me and those around me, and this lifts my confidence and trust in my own capabilities and strengths.

I’m not allowing my emotions to “act out” however I am allowing myself to experience those emotions and trying to notice why my attention is being drawn to them.

It isn’t avoiding a situation to sail around it, or doubling down on inspirational quotes, for me feeling resilient means sailing into the challenge, scared, yet knowing I have the capability, strengths, and resources to do so, and that at some point, it will pass, and I'll re-emerge with some new skills or perspectives, or both. In the meantime, I'm in it, experiencing it, which may result in feeling stretched, worried, challenged or even depleted at times.

And so, it's not always feeling energised upbeat and positive, it’s being aware of when I need to check-in on myself, to recharge and plug those energy leaks, and knowing how to do that.

It’s accepting that resilience isn’t static, and so I try to not be surprised by my ability (or inability) to navigate it.

Instead, I go into reflection mode, deeply considering what else I need to see here. Have I felt like this before and what, if anything, was different? What are my emotions, what are they telling me and why are they appearing now? How does this align with what I know about myself and what drives me, what values are at play here?

In order to do this, it means proactively working on me first. Holding myself to account in changing the way I view circumstances, developing skills that aid resilience and having a toolkit that enables me to weather the storm so to speak.

There are many skills that build resilience, and the above might shine a light on some of these. In my experience the most valuable skills come from building your emotional intelligence and accessing the HeartMath toolkit, which work hand in hand.

You can find out more about our Heartmath and emotional intelligence programs by contacting Melina on 0498 800 008 or Suria on 0407 776 888.



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