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Walking, Talking builds connection

I've posted before about the benefits of walking and talking, there are a few.

When we walk and talk, we find that as our feet fall into sync, so do our thoughts, so if you're trying to work through a problem with a colleague, there's no better way to approach it then to walk and talk.

When we feel our thoughts are aligned with a colleague, we feel more connected and this improves our relationships at work.

Walking gives us a chance to notice our surrounds and in doing so, particularly when in nature, we experience moments of joy, injecting us with feelings of positivity. When we feel this way, we feel more hopeful about what's ahead and our thinking opens up to new possibilities. So it's great for creative thinking.

And when we do this in nature, it brings a sense of calm helping us to slow down our thoughts, reflect a little more, which builds self awareness.

I've had opportunity to coach clients as we "hike" with some powerful outcomes. If you want to experience some of this, talk to us today.



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