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We've been busy with #CuratedConversations

We have been so busy this year that we forgot to share with you all the launch of our Curated Conversations, Leadership NOW series, co-authored with Tim Collings of 4Igroup.

The intent was simple, create a community where through content, insights and the sharing of experiences, leadership knowledge evolves. We called it a webinar, but actually it's much more than that. And don't expect two people at the front talking, it's not how this community works. We share a little content with a bit of play, sometimes we invite guest speakers to join us, we facilitate a camp-side fire discussion with all participants and then move into our bat cave (yes that's right the bat cave) for brainstorming on actions that are workplace ready.

The content for the Leadership NOW series is focused on the key skills Leaders need to navigate the fourth industrial revolution, and so it is built on our four pillars of Connection, Purpose, Uncertainty and Culture with a total of 11 webinars in this series, having started in July 2020 and going through to May 2021. Whilst most of our community members come to all webinars, because once they start they want to keep coming, each webinar is designed so participants can attend just the one that resonates most with them.

To register for any of our remaining events, click here

Here's a video to tell you more.



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