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What's connection got to do with resilience?

Updated: Jan 8

Resilience is not a one definition word, in fact you'll find many definitions have surfaced over the last decade. Regardless of the definition, we are all different.

For some resilience is self awareness and tolerance, for others self-love and life experiences, or a sense of purpose.

As leaders, help our teams craft proactive strategies based on their strengths and needs. And recognise the opportunities we have to do the same for ourselves.

And here's what I love about resilience, CONNECTION.

The more connected we feel the more resilient we feel. Because it does feel great when you have someone who will listen, that you trust, who'll stretch your thinking. And even if you don't need to do this with others, it's good to know they are there if you do.

Connection, and the skill that goes with it, empathy, are core to human thriving.



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