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Why executive coaching is the best form of leadership development.

Executed well, executive coaching enables Leaders to transform behaviour resulting in improved workplace outcomes and performance excellence.

The dialogue is anchored in trust, where your coach holds space, inviting exploration of focus point.

Your role as an executive coach is to listen, to guide and challenge habitual thinking with the right amount of tension, to encourage consideration of options that might seem impossible and wishful in thinking and support leaders in creating actions that are intrinsically driven.

The executive coaching space is one of deep reflection and contemplation, an opportunity to be radically present in order to facilitate improved decision making. As a result,

executive coaching stimulates heightened self-awareness, one of the most critical skills leaders need to perform at their peak.

In a learning model proposed by Lila Davachi, Associate Professor of Psychology at New York

University (Dr Lila Dvachi, 2010), she refers to four critical elements needed to learn, starting with attention, self-directed learning, emotions and spacing (repeated over longer intervals provides our brain with the right signalling - supported through neuroscience research). Considering this, the most impactful learning methodology is captured in an executive coaching relationship.

And in a coaching report which cited 23 coaching studies, a distinct correlation between executive coaching and greater change in leadership skills and performance outcomes was seen.

Executive coaching has become fundamental to leadership development as it promotes reflective practices that ultimately aid wellbeing, decision making and leadership performance.

Executive coaching is holding up a mirror, in a safe and trusting space, so that the leader can see what you see.

For more on our executive coaching programs, download our corporate brochure here or get in touch with Melina at or 0498 800 008.

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