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Updated: Jan 5

I was relishing in joy after receiving an email from a client a little while back. With her permission, this is part of a poem she wrote reflecting after her coaching program. "....... You unknowingly pointed me in the right direction of my path. Without the messes I would not have a message, Without the pain I would not have a purpose. All of the struggles helped me realise how strong I really am. You taught me much more than you could ever have taken. Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting, Moving on means happiness over hurt, forgiveness over resentment ......" (writer anonymous) As a leader in a remote location, sometimes what we think we dont need, becomes a journey for the remainder of our lives. Remote coaching with today's technology can be just as powerful. #emotionalintelligence #coahing #performanceuplift #trust #conversationalintelligence #growthmindset #leadwithpurpose #findyourwhy #resilientleadership #authenticleadership 

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