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"Trust has two dimensions: competence and integrity. We can forgive mistakes of competence. Mistakes of integrity are harder to overcome." Simon Sinek.

When this appeared in my feed, it started the wagon turning. Is there only 2 elements to trust. The research, like leadership and EQ, has different models of Trust floating around. Regardless of the words used in these models, I like to break TRUST into 5 elements;

  • COMPETENCE is one, some models describe this as Able ( ABCD model of Trust).

  • INTEGRITY, sometimes described as sincerity is absolutely a key element.

  • Dependable or RELIABLE is the third

  • CARE or Connection (lets wrap this up as empathy) is a fourth element

  • The neuroscience of trust I see as the 5th element

There are many experts on Trust, Paul Zak is absolutely one of the standouts, Judith Glaser's C-IQ model, Ken Blanchard to name a few. Regardless of what Trust is or isn't, it's developed and lost at different speeds for us.

I am a trust giver, you get it up front until events occur for me to question that Trust. Sometimes referred to as Blind Trust. It takes a lot, but once it's lost, it's hard to ever regain my trust. Other's are less distrusting upfront, and it takes a while before you gain their Trust, but once you have it, it can remain for long periods of time.

Some elements we forgive faster than others. Some elements, once lost, well you can now see why relationships in organisations are filled with friction when politics interferes with integrity.

And the 5th, the neuroscience, is conscious awareness of how our words create worlds, and how we can adapt our leadership style to ensure the stage is set for Trust to be cultivated. C-IQ.

Why is this critical to leadership? Whilst EQ is the skill that enables us to see ourselves and others clearly, TRUST is the glue that holds it together. As a leader, understanding the elements of TRUST will help us see when the waters get murky. We notice a disruption in a relationship, was TRUST impacted and how. We are playing a little bit of politics, how is this impacting our integrity. We dont keep promises, do our actions show we care.

Knowledge raises awareness because we just activated the RAS. And awareness raises self reflection.

Melina is a C-IQ practitioner.  To find out more about how to bring C-IQ to your conversations email us

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