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From one stream of knowledge to many. Being Leaders.

Self-paced learning in 2022, for Mel and Tim is the equivalent of taking a textbook into a quiet room to read and at best occasionally sending the author an email or discussing the current chapter with a friend via SMS. The focus is on consuming knowledge from an expert (the author), as much as you can, and want, when you want. It’s convenient, and in many cases accessible by many.

The experience is influenced by your drive and learning preferences. It has a place.

Peer based virtual learning evolves the experience from consumption to a deeper conversation that wholeheartedly activates embodiment. If you consider knowledge activation as an iceberg, peer based (virtual or face to face) learning is going well beneath the surface. It’s where we grow best.

It’s an invitation to witness and experience, to be and see, to say, sense, feel and hear.

It’s designed to activate transformation at higher rates than above the surface consumption.

It's generative. It’s compounding. It shifts the focus from one expert and therefore one stream of knowledge, to many and multiple streams of knowledge which becomes a force multiplier. It's what happens when we know, like and trust people, real stuff shows up. Virtual peer-to-peer learning evolves the learning experience.

It’s safe, it's insightful, it's a community of practice, its embodiment, its compounding and for all these reasons it's transformative.

So come and experience this for yourself, on the 19th December Mel and Tim are hosting a mini version of what to expect throughout the Being Leaders 2023 program. It’s an opportunity to experience ‘the more’ with our Being Leaders community.

Co-authored by Melina Lipkiewicz and Tim Collings o 4igroup, the Being Leaders program is open for registration now.

To join us for the event on the 19th December, register here

Follow our LinkedIn page to join our community and stay updated

More about the program here


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