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What I would do differently if I had an executive coach?

I’ve been contemplating this. Back when I was in corporate, executive coaching was reserved for, well, executives, or coaching adopted to help navigate difficult situations/behaviours. So what could have been different for me?

I would have spent more time self-reflecting which is the most critical muscle a leader can have. And perhaps I would have sharpened my awareness of my behaviour and actions, as well as that of others, to add more insight to my thinking?

I would have been challenged to expand my perspective, to see it from another’s. Perhaps I would have been more empathetic and sharpened my people skills resulting in better relationships at work?

I would have actioned monthly changes to my leadership style, and perhaps those small steps would have amounted to significant and positive change over the long haul? I would have bounced my thoughts and ideas around with someone else, and perhaps that could have led to more effective workplace decisions?

I would have had someone help me navigate and manage my stress, and perhaps that could have improved my health and wellbeing? I would have found someone I could trust my deepest inner thoughts to, who would have seen what I couldn’t, and maybe their reflections could have resulted in bringing light to the beliefs that were holding me back?

I would have had regular opportunity to release myself from the everyday doing, and perhaps this would have reignited my creativity and resulted in ideas with better execution? I would have checked that feeling in my gut, rather than sit with the circulating thoughts of doubt, questioning myself to the point of spiralling and feeling like all hope was lost, and maybe I would have found the courage to use my voice?

I would have improved my memory of events, made more effective choices, become intimate with my values and beliefs and perhaps this would have built confidence and trust in me? I would have grown, taken more risks, used my voice more, and felt better about my achievements, and therefore happier and maybe this happiness would have spilled into my family and personal life.

Melina Lipkiewicz is a certified IECL Executive coach and ICF member. To find out more about our coaching programs, visit our page here, or contact us for a confidential discussion. 0498 800 008.


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